Writing the Perfect Law Essay

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Writing the Perfect Law Essay

There are some aspiring lawyers who don’t bother hiring a law tutor in London when it comes to the small stuff, like learning how to write a first class law essay. This is where they’re wrong. When it comes to getting that highly coveted law degree, getting the essay right is of the utmost importance. That’s because, contrary to popular belief, law essay writing is an art, and in order to achieve high marks you need to master the art of writing a law essay. Below are a few pointers to keep in mind when writing down your law essay.

Don’t be too Descriptive

Many students while writing their law essays end up being too descriptive. A descriptive essay is one that describes the law, but offers no further analysis on the law. A law essay requires critical analysis of the law being discussed. Just being descriptive does not answer the question, and will not get you those crucial marks. As a law student, you need to show off all that you’ve learned, that includes your ability to be detailed, thorough, focused, and precise.

Focus on the Question

Needless to say, reading the question and understanding it before writing down the answer is what most students do. But, at times, the excitement of writing your first law essay results in the question being half answered, because you didn’t fully understand the question in the first place. There’s a raft of journal articles and books available on the context of what you choose to write so explore them and absorb as much information and details as you can.

Have a Plan

Just because you’ve read a pile of books or articles online does not necessarily mean that you are ready to write your law essay. So, if you really want to submit a high quality piece of work, you better hire a law tutor in London to make sure you get it right.