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UK Media Law | What is covered?

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Law has been racing up to catch up with the explosion of digital media. Unlike other areas of law, media law is broad and covers television, film, broadcasting, publishing, advertising and marketing just to mention a few. The areas require total commitment for comprehensive understanding. If you wish to succeed and become a great media lawyer, you will need the assistance of a law tutor London to make studying easy. As a media attorney, you are likely to deal with numerous issues involving contentious work like libel, defamation issues and limitations on copyright disputes just to mention a few. Some of the important sections that are protected under media law include;

Harassment and Stalking

The law limits journalists and indicates to what extent they can do their research and publish about an issue without touching other people’s personal lives.

Discrimination and hate speech

As journalists are involved in other matters such as publishing, they are held responsible for any published content that may be found to spread discrimination or hate speech. If one gets in trouble for such reasons, they need to know how to act and go about the problem. Media law shows the actions that need to be taken and under which circumstances one can be declared to be guilty.

Copyright and the public domain

It is vital for journalists to understand the difference between material that is in public domain, and that which is public domain. They should observe and know the rights surrounding the contents shared by other users across the web. Media law is essential in ensuring that those rights are observed. Other areas include data protection and database rights. To understand more about these areas and how media law is applied, come for a tutorial from us. We have the best law tutors London to offer you quality services and help you achieve your dreams of becoming a great and successful lawyer.

Getting the best

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