UK Law Tutor Options

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You’ve decided that you need a UK law tutor, now what? Making the decision to work with a tutor is an excellent first step, but nothing will happen until you’ve explored your options and signed up for tutoring sessions. Several UK law tutor options are available, making it possible to find a law tuition solution that best meets your needs.

Option #1: Work face-to-face with a UK law tutor

This is the traditional form of law tutoring, and it’s an excellent option for many students. With face-to-face tutoring, you meet with the UK law tutor in person. Common locations for tutoring include the tutor’s own facility, your home, and public spaces such as a library or restaurant.

  • Advantages – Most personal option, one-on-one tutoring
  • Disadvantages – Usually the most expensive option, some travel may be required

Option #2: Telephone tutoring

If you are an auditory learner, telephone tutoring is a viable alternative to in-person law tutoring. With this option, you and the UK law tutor meet over the telephone.

  • Advantages – Great for auditory learners, usually less expensive than in-person tutoring, no need to travel, no special equipment required
  • Disadvantages – No sharing of materials, the UK law tutor cannot see your work, may be difficult for highly visual or kinesthetic learners

Option #3: Online law tutoring

With online law tutoring, you meet with your UK law tutor using online technology such as Skype. If desired and if webcams are available, you can set up the session so that you can see one another. With online tutoring, not only is it possible to see and hear one another as if you were in the same room, you can also share materials using screen- and file-sharing tools.

  • Advantages – Great for most learning styles, much like face-to-face tutoring but at a lower cost with no travel needed
  • Disadvantages – Computer and software required

Those are your options for working with a UK law tutor. Which one is right for you?