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UK Land Law | 5 Things you must know

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uk land law

UK Land Law | Brief

UK Land Law is a broad section and requires comprehensive learning to understand all the important aspect. That is why as a law student you need to get the best law tutor London to help you understand the different sections of the law of the land in the UK. Some of the vital aspects to know are;

Fixtures and chattels

The law states that if a piece of land is transferred, it must include all the fixtures attached unless there is a specific exclusion. Some of the property like the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen are considered as fitting. The lights, appliances, curtains and carpets are chattels.


There is the law that discusses trespassing which is as a result of airspace 200 meters above the roof level that is being trespassed.

Mines and minerals

The legal principle states that the owner of the land owns everything that is down the depth of the earth. However, the owner possesses the layers beneath unless they relinquish the right to extract them.

Objects found on the land

Law states that a treasure is only a treasure if there is a mix of gold or silver. The treasure act outlines that the owner of the property is rewarded if there is treasure found under the land. However, when it comes to other items found on the ground surface, for example, a gold bracelet, the collector should be left to keep it unless another person claims it.

Where a person is invited any property s/he finds on the ground can be collected unless the owners have indicated that they belong to them. However, if you find an item while trespassing your claim is weakened.

Wild animals and fish

If a person owns a piece of land, then they own the animals and fish within the land boundaries. The owner, therefore, has the right to hunt and catch the animals. With the above information, you have a precise definition of land and the complications that arise regarding mines, airspace, fixtures, treasure and wildlife. To understand more, come to us as we are among the best law tutors London and let us help you become the lawyer you dream to be.