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UK and EU Law, 3 things you should know

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uk and eu law

UK and EU Law are one of the most talked about topic due to Brexit. So as to shine in your career, you will need to put much effort in your studies and understand everything you need to know including current affairs that effect the legal system.

As a lawyer, you will be required to apply what you learnt to represent your clients and make the right decisions. Law is a complex subject, and you will be better with a law tutor London to help you learn things that you do not understand. One of the areas to cover in law field in the UK is the EU law and here is what you need to know about it.`

UK and EU Law | Principles of EU law

Two factors make the European law system work efficiently for all the member countries. One is the supremacy which compares the status of the European law and the national laws. The second idea is the direct effect meaning that the European law can be relied on in court. The two principles were recognised some decades ago in leading decisions of the European Union court. They are critical in ensuring the survival of the European Union legal system and guaranteeing that all members follow the rules.

UK and EU Law | Supremacy of European Law

This principle describes the relationship between the European Union law and the national law. It states that the European law should prevail in case it conflicts with the national law.

It makes sure that the European rules are followed uniformly throughout the Union, and if the federal law contradicts the European Union treaties, the rule will be eliminated from all member countries. The UK has accepted the supremacy principle for some time, unlike the other members who seem to be reluctant.

UK and EU Law | The European laws direct effect

This refers to the rights that people can claim under this law which include non-discrimination and movement. Citizens can use the European law in the court against the government or private parties when they breach the law.

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