Top 3 mistakes Law students make

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law students

There are all sorts of mistakes that law students tend to make. We will be looking at the top three of those in this post as suggested by experienced law tutors. Let’s have a look!

1. Googling a Case Before Reading It

Some of the students Google cases regularly prior to reading them. This is obviously tempting, but you are basically cheating yourself out of the struggle with all the material. And your struggle with the material is actually what makes you learn and get better. Also, when you begin practicing law, every case you read is unlikely to have any canned briefs on Google. You will need to figure these out on your own.

2. Writing Long Briefs Directly Copied from the Case

Briefing is simply note-taking to help you recall whatever you read so that you can be prepared at the time you are called on in the class. The brief should consist of all your notes on the given case. The notes should ideally be in your own words, as this will help you understand and think through the material. As such, it’s recommended that you keep your brief limited to a single page. Ask any London law tutor (or your local law tutor) and they’ll tell you the same.

3. Briefing While Reading

Rather than briefing while reading, how about you brief as soon as you’re done with the case? That would definitely make it considerable easier to decide whatever you require remembering in the case. So sit down, read, and then head back and brief. Doing this will allow you to remember all the things about this case. It will also help you realize what’s important.

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