Tips on taking good law lecture notes

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Tips on taking good law lecture notes

Many law tutors in London would agree that taking great notes is an art, and is a very achievable feat. All it takes is just a little bit of enthusiasm and commitment. To take good law lecture notes, a person has to know the structure that best suits them as this can come in handy when preparing to study for law exams which are right around the corner.

Keep Black Letter Law in mind

When taking notes, students think everything is up for debate but in some cases, you cannot question the absolute or in other words, the black letter. Always start by writing these in your notes to have a good idea on how to approach some specific cases.

Understand your professor

Every professor has a different way of teaching and when taking notes, recognise the patterns revealed by your teachers. A teacher focusing on something a lot more than the other topics may mean that it’s coming in the exam. Keep a close ear on what the professor is saying and how many times has he said it during lectures.

Keep an open mind

When studying law, a law student must understand that things can evolve and if there is room for ambiguity, explore it. When the professor hits among a topic which you cannot find an answer to, in the Black Letter, make a separate note of that and keep in mind to research on that topic some more.

It is helpful when you have a law tutor to assess the notes that you take in class. Advanced Law tutors are one of the favoured Law tutors in London who are qualified to help their students with anything that they might not have fully grasped when attending the class. When in doubt, bring the notes to your law tutor in London (or your local law tutor) and they will be able to cover all the grey areas with you.