Tips for Responding to Law Essay Test Questions

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Law Essay Test Questions

Dreading your next essay exam? While law tutoring can help you better understand various law topics, your Law Tutor cannot be by your side when it’s time to answer essay questions. Use these essay exam tips to improve your essay question responses.

Study the Material

There’s no substitute for knowledge. It doesn’t matter how articulate you may be, if you don’t know the material, you can’t respond intelligently. Law tutoring leading up to the law essay exam can help you to master the knowledge you’ll be asked to demonstrate.

Practice Makes Perfect

Take a practice essay exam before the big day, making sure to use similar essay questions, topics, and time limits. Here’s post about writing the perfect law essay. This can help you overcome pre-exam jitters, boost your confidence, and reinforce your knowledge.

Budget Your Time

Timed essay exams are nerve-wracking because “what if I run out of time” is always on the back of your mind. Timed practice exams can help you get a better idea of how much time you might need. However, a single question could set you back when taking the real test. With that in mind, it’s smart to allot a specific amount of time for various parts of the exam such as X amount of time for reading the instructions, X for brainstorming ideas, X for writing the answers, and X for proofreading and revising your answers. If it’s a multi-question essay exam, you may want to allot a specific amount of time per question and tackle the easier questions first.

Understand the Nature of the Question

Make sure you understand what the essay question really is asking of you. For example, there’s a big difference between a question that asks you to list various judgments and one that asks you to analyze or criticize them. Pay attention to words within the essay question and then frame your answer around those instructions.

Stay on Topic

It’s easy to go off topic. When you do, your answer may be confusing, unfocused, or even irrelevant. Before you begin writing, identify the main idea you need to get across and write that down on a separate piece of paper. Refer back to it as you write and ask yourself if what you are writing supports that main idea.

Finally, in addition to using a Law Tutor to help you prepare for your essay exam, get plenty of sleep the night before and eat a nutritious breakfast.