Things Law Tutors Dislike

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Things Law Tutors Dislike

First year law students are generally overwhelmed by the amount of studying that is required to get that coveted law degree. The smart ones always hire a law tutor in London (or elsewhere) so that they can get to the brass tacks of preparing for their exams. Naturally, there is a great demand for law tutors in London which means that law tutors have certain standards as well. Here we are going to talk of the things some law students do that a tutor hates.

Being a Know-it-All

While most bright eyed law students are intelligent, and are always ready to offer their views on certain matters, which is acceptable, that is, when a student does not know it all. These ‘know-is-all’ usually substitute actual knowledge for a self righteous rant on the unfairness of the law. Although these ‘know-it-all’ do sometimes raise a valid point, merely raising an opinion without offering a suggestion of reform or showing the basic understanding of the law is unacceptable to any good law tutor in London.

Students who are not organised

While it is understandable that students have a life other than in the classroom. These other commitments include family, friends, work, volunteering and even sleeping. A good law tutor in London knows that life intervenes when we need time most, which means students don’t get time to read every text book word for word, line for line and page for page. That’s fine, but at least, organised. Read the books that are significant to the cases you choose, scan through the pages, highlight and move on. By planning a strategy on how you will get through all of your readings each week you will be able to grasp a good amount of knowledge.


Being able to prepare will keep you from the anxiety and panic attacks that law students often face.