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Postgraduate coursework is rigorous and challenging, often requiring extensive research and a different set of study skills.

Advanced law coursework builds upon what you already know while also deviating into new realms of information.

Whether your foundation knowledge has gaps or you need help understanding new topics, our expert law tutors can help you master the information and hone your skills.

You will work hard on your coursework and dissertation, but you can also work smarter with a trusted adviser gently guiding you through your lessons, exercises, and research.

Make sure you thoroughly understand the material and its implications with a specialist law tutor depending on areas of law you’re interested in.

Our city law tutors are expert in subject matters and they can guide you toward success.

As a law student, you must master a vast number of subjects. Some may come naturally to you while you may struggle with others.

Fortunately, law study help is available no matter which subject is proving difficult.

Our city law tutors specialise in many different areas of the law, ensuring that you have access to a subject matter expert who can guide you toward success.

Advanced Law Tutors provide customised assistance from expert law tutors.

Advanced Law Tutors develop personalised tutoring plans, tailored to your unique learning needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

Whether you’re struggling with a particular subject, preparing for a dissertation, or want to improve your study and research skills, Advanced Law Tutors provide customised assistance from expert law tutors.

We work closely with you from the beginning to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. From there, we develop a personalised learning plan that leverages your strengths, eliminates your weaknesses, and helps you reach your academic goals.

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