Roles of Litigation Attorneys

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litigation attorney roles
The dream and wish of any law tutor are equipping their students with the relevant knowledge and skills and starting them off on their career path. One of the most vibrant and interesting careers that law tutors London has enabled their students to flourish in is litigation attorneys.

Who is a litigation attorney?

Also known as trial lawyers, litigation attorneys are responsible for representing defendants and plaintiffs in civil lawsuits in the courts.

A litigation lawyer has all the prerequisite training, skills, and experience achieved under the keen eye and guidance of a law tutor. The skills are essential in fighting for the rights and freedom of their clients.

The roles of a litigation lawyer

During a civil lawsuit, a litigation attorney ensures that the rights of their clients are well represented. In detail, the litigation lawyer will oversee the following;

  • Initial case assessment and investigation; this phase entails getting the details of the lawsuit, ensuring there are sufficient evidence and credible witnesses to kickstart the proceedings
  • Drafting pleadings; the litigation lawyer will draft and file a summons in the court of law to initiate the lawsuit, acting in the best interest of their clients
  • The discovery process; this phase involves the sharing of all the relevant paperwork and information between the parties interested in the lawsuit. The litigation attorney will use their experience and skills to gain the vital information that will aid in the proceedings
  • Pre-trial and trial proceedings; the pre-trial stage involves plea taking, while the trial phase gives the chance for the litigation lawyer to presents the lawsuit facts before a judge, acting on behalf of their clients
  • Appeal process; if the outcome of the lawsuit is not satisfactory, the litigation lawyer can initiate the appeal process


Law tutors London have a huge responsibility of ensuring that their students gain all the relevant skills, knowledge and expertise in regards to criminal law study.

The lives, careers, and reputation of the client’s rests on the ability of the law students turned attorneys to represent them in the courts of law.