How to Revise for Your Law Exams

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How to Revise for Your Law Exams

If you have studied year on in or have even covered the papers in the last few months in one go. Once you are done, you cannot rest on your laurels. All that you have learned needs to be reciprocated on paper and the best way to do that, as your local law tutor will tell you is to revise before the exams. Everybody needs revision especially when it concerns law.

Do Past Papers a Plenty

The legal theory is the fairly easy part of law. The harder part of law is actually applying all that you have studied in your papers as your local law tutor will tell you. Application of law doesn’t come in easy, the best way to revise for your law paper is to practice as many past papers as you can. You have probably heard your law tutors or your friends’ law tutors tell you that the more past papers you practice, the better the chance of you stumbling across a similar question (baring minor specifications) in your actual law paper. They are actually right.

Write the Cases Down to Memorize

Writing cases down is the best way to memorize a case. Any law paper, irrespective of the law module cannot guarantee you good marks unless and until you are able to memorize the case names and understand its facts. To memorize the cases, you need to write each case down; it helps your mind remember cases better.

Teach Your Friend

As a law tutor, we know that teaching helps us memorize things. It will also help you clear your concepts because you’ll have to clear someone else’s concepts while teaching. You can only do that if you are able to understand it better. Peer to peer learning can often help you understand a legal module from a different angle that a law tutor may be able to. If you want to make the most of your law paper, revise like your future depends on it (because it actually does)!