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Law Tutor Recruitment

Help tomorrow’s legal experts today by becoming a law tutor

Are you a London-based solicitor, barrister, or legal scholar who’s passionate about furthering the legal profession?

Advanced Law Tutors specialise in matching law students with professional law tutors in London.We offer face-to-face tutoring, telephone and Skype tutoring.


Why should you join Advanced Law Tutors?

– Help struggling law students
– Share your knowledge
– Earn a side income
– Explore teaching as an alternative vocation
– Stay involved in the legal field during retirement or while on sabbatical
– Be part of a growing company

Law Tutor Qualifications

We expect our tutors maintain our high standards.

Not only must you have extensive legal experience and expertise, you must also be passionate about helping law students excel academically and have strong communication skills.

In exchange, we offer competitive pay and flexibility.