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Real Estate Attorneys – What’s the importance?

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Real Estate Attorney

Real estate attorney - Key roles

A real estate attorney is tasked with preparing or reviewing all documents signed at the closing of a real estate deal. As a law tutor London, ensure that your students understand the various components of real estate law.

For instance, they should know that real estate law encompasses the sale and purchase of a real estate property. This means that both land and the structure on it are included in the purchase or sale.

You should also inform them that real estate law covers legal issues linked with anything attached to the structure or property. This can be material things or appliances.

Real estate attorneys ensure that all the required procedures are followed during the sale or acquisition of a property.

Besides, these attorneys are tasked with enlightening the client on how the property is zoned for usage. It is important for your students to note that real estate law covers estate planning, property taxes, titles and zoning.

Real estate attorney - Skills and responsibilities

A real estate attorney is trained and equipped with skills to handle various cases in the real estate industry. They are responsible for preparing and reviewing documents related to the mortgage, purchase, title, and transfer of the real estate property.

Besides, a real estate attorney who has been hired to handle a sale or purchase of a real estate property will be present at the closing together with the buyer. Your students should note that closing is the meeting where the buyer pays the money and ownership is transferred. In this process, an attorney ensures that the transfer is binding, legal, and has the best interests of the client.

When a real estate property is being purchased, a real estate attorney prepares documents, completes various title searches on the property, writes down insurance policies, and implements the transfer of funds. As a law tutor, let your students know that if the purchase is being financed, the real estate attorney is responsible for the subsequent paperwork.