Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Law Tutor in UK

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Hiring a Law Tutor in UK

Thinking of hiring a law tutor in UK but not sure how to make the best choice? As with hiring any other business professional, you’ll want to ensure a good fit. The first step in determining if an individual law tutor can meet your needs is to ask the right questions. With that in mind, here are some of the most important questions to ask before hiring a law tutor in UK:

How long have you been a law tutor in UK?

While everyone has to start somewhere, you’ll want to know about the tutor’s experience. The tutor’s experience or lack of experience can impact everything from the cost and quality of the law tutor’s services to the resources available. While you may pay slightly more for a highly experienced law tutor in UK, you may gain access to more knowledge, more effective teaching techniques, and better learning resources.

What is your background in UK law?

Many law tutors are practicing or retired barristers, solicitors, judges, and legal scholars while others are graduate students offering tutoring to undergraduate students. Some specialize in specific areas of law (UK) while others are generalists. This isn’t to say one background is better than another. However, your law tutor should be qualified, and the rates you pay should reflect those qualifications.

How do you approach tutoring?

We all learn differently. Some people are highly visual, preferring the written word to recorded lectures while others are the exact opposite. Thus, it’s important to choose a law tutor in UK who can accommodate your preferred learning style.

How can you help me to become an independent learner / researcher?

A law tutor in UK, or anywhere else for that matter, should do more than simply solve today’s academic problem. Ideally, your law tutor will help instill effective study and research habits that you can use throughout your academic career.