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Public Laws in The UK | 5 things you should know

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Public Laws

Public Laws in the UK

If you’re just curious about the Public Laws in the UK, you can dig a bit deeper. Getting precise knowledge about your area of study is essential, and the study of law is not an exemption. It requires focus and hard work. It is not only for the examination purpose but also for future application when you finally become a qualified lawyer. To make your studies easier, get a law tutor London who will help you in your studies so you can pass your examinations and have a comprehensive knowledge of the local law.

If you are studying about public laws, here are some of the aspects that you need to be keen about.

What is public law?

This is the first thing to know before going deep into what it entails. First of all are you aware of the jurisdiction that governs all the laws in The UK? The jurisdictions that covers the law within UK are England & Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

What are public bodies?

These are the organisations that make public decisions which affect thousands of citizens. There are several of them which include the ministers, local authorities, coroners’ court, prison service and much more.

Public laws remedies

These are the procedures that can be exercised by the public so as to challenge the decisions made by the public bodies. The methods include;

Judicial reviews

In this case, there is a court ruling where the judge considers the legality of the decision that has been challenged. The judge decides if the decision should be implemented or ruled out.

Social service complaints procedure

This may include the local government Ombudsman or the parliamentary commission of administration. They vet the decision to decide if it should push through or boycotted.


The public law affects the majority since it dictates the lives of the citizens. That is why as a lawyer you have to put much concentration and do thorough research about it. Law tutors London are there to see you succeeded. Come to us and let us tutor you. Our staffs are qualified and friendly to answer all your questions.