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Public Law in the UK | 3 Things you need to know

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Law tutorial is essential for every law student, and you require the best law tutor London to help you with your studies depending on your area of specialisation. Public law is one of the fields that require your total comprehension, and some of the things you need to know about public law are;

What is public law?

It is the relationship between the government and the people of the state. It is made up of the law tax, criminal law, and the constitutional law. This law is necessary because there is an equal relationship between the public and the government. The government is the only body allowed to make decisions concerning the rights of people, and they have to work within the law. If a person is unhappy about the decisions made by the authority, the person can ask for judicial review.

What is a public body?

Public law is responsible for controlling public bodies that act in public capacity. These bodies include the government ministers, local authorities (which includes the social services and education) authorities, the police, courts, legal tribunals, and prisons.

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Where do the public authorities get the legal power?

The public bodies and officials mostly get their powers to make decisions and take actions from the legislature board. They are called the statutory duties, and they can be found in;


  • Primary legislation – This is the body that acts as the parliament
  • Secondary legislation, also known as delegated legislation – Deals with regulations orders and rules.
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