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public law branches
Most people study law without actually understanding it. They are after passing the exams and forgetting the main purpose of taking the course in the first place. This is the worst mistake you can make as it is the way poor attorneys are made. It is, therefore, a wise decision to get the assistance of a law tutor London who will help you understand the subject in depth. If you wish and desire to become a successful lawyer and represent your clients well, it is a requirement that you understand the public law. This law involves the relationship between the government and the citizens. In the UK, the law constitutes three major areas which are:

Administrative law

This branch of public law involves the functions of the government and its roles to the citizens. Some of the roles involve the arrangement of the pension schemes and child benefits just to mention a few. Conflicts are likely to emerge from these systems, and this law is meant to help in solving such issues.

Criminal Law

Some wrongdoings are a threat to the community. Such doings are considered as a violation to the society. The criminal law ensures that the wrongdoers are penalised and punished accordingly. The key objective of this type of law is protecting the citizens’ rights and making sure they are safe. The government is responsible for recognition and prosecution of the offenders, and that is how it is related to the citizens.

Constitutional law

It is concerned with the areas involving the constitution of the state. This involves the structure and the branches of the government, the head of the state and the division between private and public law. The law guards and ensures that every rule is followed without violation.

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