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Proroguing the Parliament – What is it all about?

By August 30, 2019 October 7th, 2019 No Comments
Proroguing the Parliament
Over the last few days, members of the public all over the United Kingdom have been trying to come to terms with the announcement that the parliament will be prorogued from the second week of September to October 14.

This is after the prime minister met the Queen and requested Her Majesty to end the current session of parliament in mid-September. So what does it mean to prologue the parliament? Is it Legal? Our Law Tutor in London explains all you need to know about proroguing the parliament.

Proroguing the Parliament-What does it Mean?

The act of proroguing the parliament has to do with bringing the current parliamentary session to an end. It leads to a brief break that ushers in a new session.

The UK parliament runs in sessions that usually last about one year, but the duration can vary. The parliamentary business that has not been completed when a session ends cannot be picked up when the next session starts.

Proroguing the Parliament-Is it Normal?

Yes, proroguing the parliament is quite normal. In fact, parliament is prorogued every time a parliamentary session ends.

The current session, which started after the 2017 general election, was set to run for two years to give members of parliament adequate time to make laws that would enable Britain to leave the European Union.

Therefore, the current parliamentary session is almost getting to its proposed ending point.

So, why is it Controversial?

Proroguing the parliament is perfectly legal, but the issue around the current debate has to do with timing. Those opposed to it believe that it is going to deny the parliament the opportunity to scrutinize the government’s new Brexit policy, which includes the intention to leave the European Union by October 31 with or without a deal.

The Takeaway

Clearly, although proroguing the parliament is legal, our law tutors notes that the prevailing political environment is making it look controversial. If you are looking for a reliable law tutor in London to help you understand the legal issues around proroguing the parliament, you can count on Advanced Law Tutors.