Practising Law – Debunking the myth from the realities

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Practising Law
Law practising is an interesting, lucrative and promising career if handled professionally and according to the laid-out guidelines and within the confines of existing legalities. As a law tutor, it is essential that as you educate your students, you enlighten them on the actual law practice in the real world. it is the responsibility of the law tutor to help debunk the facts from the myths relating to law practice.

Myths vs facts in law practice

Some of the realities that you should, as a law tutor, prepare your students on as they get to enter into real criminal litigation include the following;

  • Practicing law is a well-paying job- just like in any other field, your pay is dependent on several factors like; experience, reputation, success rate and your ability to deliver. Practicing law is, therefore, not a guarantee to financial success, but an opportunity to passionately serve others
  • That you will be a great layer if you are good at arguing; this myth is propagated by many people, but is, itself, not true. Your ability to properly articulate facts, quote and relate the facts to the law is what defines great lawyers
  • Lawyers propagate social injustices; many people associate lawyers to people that have no moral obligation and act in defense for people viewed as society villains. The reality is that a lawyer’s role in any lawsuit is to advocate for their client’s rights and position based on the facts applicable under existing laws.
  • Practicing law is an intellectually challenging job; this notion is partially true, as practicing laws involve rigorous work, which requires a lot of paperwork and information. As an attorney, you need to be well versed with existing laws and regulations to represent the position of your client accordingly. Generally, practicing law is thrilling if you are passionate and well-driven.


Careers in the field of law are exciting, challenging and require passion and self-dedication to thrive. As a law tutor London, in addition to the knowledge and skills, prepares them for the eventualities of the real law practice.