Myths Regarding Law Tutors and Their Practices

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Myths regarding law tutors

Have you ever wondered about the myths regarding Law tutors and their practices? Studying Law is like no other subject; it’s challenging, requires deep motivation and will to become successful. However a prestigious occupation as this often comes under the direct attack of myths and unrealistic assumptions made by people regarding Law tutors, their methodologies, and how law schools operate. Let’s de-bunk them one by one and see the true picture behind all the big facade.

Myth: Law Tutors are teaching only the material

Are Law Tutors are teaching only the material? It should be clear by now that as many real life incidents are often unprecedented, there are many situations where the teaching material is unavoidably vague in offering help in resolving issues. Hence it is a clear cut indication that no matter how much of the course curriculum is covered, life itself will present out of the box situations where the lawyer has to deeply involve themselves and search for alternative means to resolve a situation.
Therefore, many Law tutors provide a vast base knowledge but with different and unique applications to jog the screws of potential students in order to make them more spontaneous and proactive in solving real life problems and cases.

Myth: It’s the Law Tutors’ task to pass the student

Is it the Law Tutors’ task to pass the students?

Incredibly bold and courageous is the requirement for law students, as they are not only meant to be resourceful but independent and capable at the same time. Enrolling in a law school doesn’t mean that the rest of your life is going to be a walk in the park; in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Those who don’t take their studies seriously are bound to fail their exams as most law school teachers are already quite busy with their own practices of the law and getting published. They don’t have the time to re-think when checking your finals.