Meeting face-to-face for law tutoring sessions in London is our most common mode of study.

By choosing a face-to-face tutoring session, you can receive hands-on instruction and interact personally with your law tutor.

Your law tutor is by your side, guiding you, challenging you, and helping you develop life-long skills.

Upon contacting Advanced Law Tutors, you and your law tutor will determine the ideal location for your study sessions.

Our team of London law tutors are prepared to undertake lessons at your home or theirs. Other options such as public libraries or your university’s law library are also an option.

Our law tutors are also trained to tutor students over the telephone. Telephone tutoring is a convenient option without the need for coordinating a physical meeting or travelling.

In addition, telephone tutoring hours may be more flexible than a traditional face-to-face session.

When you sign up for telephone tutoring, you and your law tutor will work off of the same materials with your tutor providing verbal instructions, lessons, and skill development drills over the phone.

We understand that student life can be busy and this mode of study allows for expert law tutoring from the comfort of home.

Skype tutoring is much like telephone tutoring in that it is extremely flexible and convenient.

With Skype, however, the advantages are even more extensive due to the interactive nature of this online communications tool.

Not only can you learn at your own pace, you can also take advantage of text chats, voice chats, video chats, and file sharing.

You can even record your conversations or review your text chats at a later time. Read here more about online law tutor vs private law tutor.

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