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Media law Study – 3 things you should know

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Media Law study
If you are in law school, you know how stressful it can get when it comes to studying media law. There is a lot of information that can get confusing and you will require the assistance of a law tutor. A law tutor in London can help you understand media law in the United Kingdom and make your studies less stressful.

What is media law?

Media law is the legal field regulating the telecommunication industry, broadcasting, information technology, entertainment, censorship, and other aspects of the media. Compared to a century ago, the media sector has grown from print and live performances to radio, movies, television, video games, and the internet.

What is covered in media law?

Media law covers three main areas:


  • Intellectual property where you have seen licensing being used to protect copyrighted works from being shared. Most of what comprises media is intellectual property and you will find intellectual property laws applying when it comes to media law.


  • Freedom and censorship. This is a huge part of media law since you will learn about media freedom and restrictions. You will learn why there is censorship even with freedom of the media.


  • Defamation. The threat of defamation through the media is a major legal issue. Here, you can learn about the laws put in place to protect against slander, libel, cyberbullying, and any other form of harm that can come through the media.

How to be a good media lawyer

Media law is a vast area and you need to have knowledge of the laws and what is covered. you also need to have good people and communication skills since you will have to interact with a lot of people. You can get familiar with all this when you visit Advanced Law Tutors and have the best law tutors in London help you achieve your goal of being a good media lawyer.