Legal Services Act 2007: What You Need To Know

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Legal Services Act 2007
If you are training to be a lawyer in England and Wales, then it is important for you to understand the laws under which you will be providing your services. In other words, you have to be conversant with the Legal Services Act 2007.

This act of parliament fundamentally changed the legal landscape in the UK by introducing reforms that were meant to improve the way legal services are offered and putting the interests of consumers of legal services first.

Our law tutors explain the important things that you should know concerning the Legal Services Act of 2007.

Why Reforms Were Necessary?

The Legal Services Act introduced reforms that sought to streamline the legal services industry. Some of the reasons why reforms were necessary include:

-To simplify the inconsistency and complexity that characterized the provision -and the regulation of legal services.
-To introduce common standards for legal professional practice
-To improve transparency, flexibility, competition, and consumer choice for legal services.

The Changes Introduced By the Act

The Legal Services Act of 2007 brought so many changes in the legal profession in England and Wales. Some of the key changes that came with this piece of legislation include:

-The requirement for legal professional bodies to clearly separate their regulatory functions from representative functions
-Creation of statutory duties and objectives for regulatory bodies
-Creation of the Office of Legal Complaints to handle the initial stages of complaints from the consumers of legal services
-Creation of a supervisory body, known as the Legal Services Board, to oversee all the approved regulators of legal services providers
-Introduction of the alternative business structure to enable solicitors to partner with non-lawyers, accept investments from non-lawyers, and enable them to operate under external ownership

Legal Services Act 2007 : The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that it is important for aspiring legal professionals to get conversant with the laws that regulate the legal services industry. If you are looking for a reliable law tutor in London to guide you in this regard, Advanced Law Tutor is an excellent choice to consider. Feel free to contact them today for more information about their services.