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Law of Tort | 3 things to remember

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law of tort
The law field covers a lot which includes criminal law, contract law, and the law of tort just to mention a few. Here we cover mainly 3 important things that you should remember. Law tutors London are there to help you as a law student to understand everything you need to know. Sometimes you might be having a hard time trying to figure out some things by yourself. The law field covers a lot which includes criminal law, contract law, and the law of tort just to mention a few

Law of Tort | Brief

The law of tort comprises of body rights, obligations, and the solutions applied by the courts in civil proceedings. This law provides relief for the loss or harm victims who have suffered as a result of another person’s negligence. A tort can be defined as a civil wrong by a negligent person, which unfairly results in harm to another. The irresponsible person is referred to as a tortfeasor and is held responsible for the act. The law of tort is dealt with by the civil courts.

Law of Tort | Parties to an action in tort

Anyone who has suffered harm as a result of another person’s negligent acts has the right to sue them. Children are also allowed to sue including the kids that are born with disabilities due to an act of negligence inflicted before birth, and a couple can also sue each other. A claimant can sue many types of tortfeasor which include individuals, companies, employers, employees, the crown, premises occupants, a person who has damaged another person’s reputation, careless drivers and independent contractors.

Law of Tort | Elements

Although there are many types of tort, negligence is the most common type that many claimants take legal action for. This tort has four elements, and for the claim to be successful, it must present all the following;

  • The party at fault owed a duty to care for the victim
  • There was a breach of the obligation of case
  • The negligent party evidently caused the injury or loss
  • There was damage or injury

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