Law study preparation | Got the Checklist?

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Law study preparation

Law study preparation - are you ready?

Reading about law study preparation? As summer reached its climax and the coming academic year looms on the horizon, at Advanced Law Tutors we find that many of our students ask how they can best prepare for the year ahead. What better subject for a blog post than a handy hints guide to hacking the legal career year ahead?

Laptop that suits best

First, every law student needs a decent laptop. You will be taking copious amounts of notes over the year ahead and you will need a laptop that is sturdy enough to withstand the inevitable bumps it will receive as you cart it between your halls and the lecture hall.

This is particularly true for London law students, the city can be a minefield for flimsy laptops.

Although it might seem a big investment, we advise that students purchase a good quality laptop because you will rely so heavily on the notes you take on it and have so many tabs open as you read journal articles and case judgments on Lexis and Westlaw that you will want a laptop that you can rely on to run smoothly and not crash, losing all of your progress.

The good old note pad, is still your best friend!

Complimentary to a laptop, treat yourself to a good quality notepad. You will quickly realise that many of your peers sit in lectures and tutorials updating their social media profiles or browsing the web for pictures of cute dogs.

This is not secondary school anymore, no one will tell you off for being distracted in class.

However, no one will provide you the answers or notes in an easy to consume form either.

Take a good notepad to class so you can avoid distractions and make accurate notes to help you pass your exams. An added bonus is that typing the notes into your laptop when they’re fresh in your mind will act as a form of proactive and early revision.

The most important part

However the most important thing we tell our students is, listen in class and work with your Advanced Law Tutor to unpack and understand anything that wasn’t clear. That’s the secret to success.

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