Law Essay tips | 4 things you may have over looked

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law essay tips

Law essay tips are useful when you’ve got your first law essay assignment . Trust us when we say it wouldn’t be the last one you have to deal with. Whether you’ve recently enrolled for your law degree, or taken it up as a course for your A Level certification, you need to be able to produce exceptional essays in order to ace in A level exam. Follow these easy Law essay tips. They’ll help you get your law essays right every time.

Law Essay Tip 1 | Begin Early

Don’t wait till the last week to start working on your essay. This will not leave you any time to review your work. You should in fact set your finishing target a week before your submission date. Start early; every day counts. When you’re done, take a break and then critically analyse your work.

Law Essay Tips 2 | Pay Attention in Class

This is basic. The ground rule for excelling academically – you need to be attentive in class. It is not just the lecture you should focus on. You need to pay close attention to your teacher/marker too. They will be giving away a lot of concealed information about what they expect from you. They’ve given you a reading list? They want you to cover everything on it. They have published articles on the topic? That is definitely a source.

Law Essay Tips 3 | Timing is crucial

Your essay can be essentially divided into 4 different stages:

  1. Research
  2. Read
  3. Plan
  4. Write

You should be able to allocate your time appropriately to each stage. This may vary from person to person. Some people need more time to write while others spend more on research. Ideally, you should give at least one complete day to each stage.

Law Essay Tips 4 | Indulge in Discussions

Your classmates and colleagues can help you articulate a law essay that is balanced and comprehensive. Discussing your essay topic with them will give you the opportunity to explore views and perspectives of others that are different from your own. Analyse them to sharpen your own standpoint and elaborate it better. Follow these Law essay tips and you will be churning ‘A grade’ essays throughout, but before you get to that, make sure you have a deep understanding of law as a subject and the subject matter of your essay. Never hesitate in seeking extra help from a London law tutor (or your local law tutor). You can even find them online. No matter where in London you are, our team of law tutors can help you achieve academic success.