Law Dissertation

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law dissertation

Law dissertation requires excellent research, analysis, and organization skills as well as the ability to put your thoughts into writing in a logical, meaningful manner. In addition, your law dissertation is expected to be free of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other language usage errors. Writing an effective law dissertation is monumental task and should not be taken lightly or left to chance. Use these tips as you prepare yourself for writing a law dissertation.

Engage a Law Tutor

Engaging a Law Tutor early in the process can set the stage for success. Not only can law tutoring help you to understand the material at a deeper level, your law tutor can help you to gain focus and insight as well as point out any areas that need further development.

Structure Your Law Dissertation

Work with our team of London law tutors (Or your preferable local Law tutors) to determine an effective structure for your dissertation. Organizing your paper into chapters with sub-sections and including a table of contents to help readers navigate it is one approach. Use index cards or an outlining tool to experiment with the structure of your dissertation. Make sure that your argument and/or analysis flows in a logical manner. For example, does it make sense to move through the topic in chronological order or does the topic require a different approach?

Use appropriate Citations

Law dissertations require extensive legal research. Make sure to use credible resources and cite them properly. It’s helpful to use citation software to keep track of your sources as well as properly format them. If you need citation help you can seek advise from your law tutor.

Revise Your Drafts

Good writing always requires revision. As you plan your dissertation’s milestones, schedule due dates for your rough draft, first draft, second draft, and final draft. Many writers use separate rounds of revision with one focused solely on revising the content (arguments, examples, analysis, organization, etc.) and another focused solely on grammar, word choice, punctuation, and other language issues.
Having a Law tutor’s input is invaluable. You do not need to work alone. Even if your law dissertation isn’t due for many months, it’s time to get started. Need help preparing your law dissertation? Here At Advanced Law tutors we’re renowned law tutors (London) and we’ve helped many students seeing law dissertation guidance.