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Islamic Finance Law in the UK

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Islamic Finance Law in the UK
Finance laws have evolved over time and Islamic banking, as part of the evolution, has grown. This means that there are millions of Muslims out there seeking your legal services in the finance industry. It is a matter of religion and banking without compromising State’s banking finance laws. For a smooth Islamic finance law in the UK, get the services of law tutor London and be on your way to becoming the best.

What does Islamic finance law involve?

It is a matter of religion more than law. In Islamic financial practices, conformity with “Sharia Law” is a core factor. As a finance lawyer, you will need to understand how Sharia law affects your clients’ financial practices. UK’s finance law could conflict with the Sharia law, and in such instances, a successful Islamic finance lawyer has to advise the client on the best means to handle such situations. Re-drafting contracts to conform to both UK finance and Sharia law is an example of what you will be required to do.

What skills do you need as an Islamic finance lawyer?

Among the major skills that you will utilise as an Islamic finance lawyer include:

  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Capital markets
  • Contract

Since it is a matter of law and religion, finding yourself in situations where your personal morals do not align with your work is inevitable. In such situations, you need to separate your morals from what is best for your client as well as conformity with the Islamic law. Being open-minded and knowledgeable of Islamic finance law are essential proficiencies that will see you succeed in the challenging field.


Finance laws in the UK govern financial practices, on the other hand, Islamic finance laws govern Muslims regardless of the country they are in. As an Islamic finance lawyer, understanding both is indispensable to ensure your clients get the best. Contact law tutors today and bear in mind; you do not have to be Muslim to be a successful Islamic finance lawyer in the UK.