Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law | What you need to know?

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intellectual property law

When it comes to intellectual property law, you are dealing with the protection of rights of the sources or original innovators. It covers numerous things including original novels, plays, and company’s identification marks. The area is wide, and that is why you need the assistance of a law tutor London to help you with your studies allowing you to be a great lawyer in future.

The primary purpose of this law is to encourage new inventions and technologies thus promoting economic growth. When people are certain that their work will be protected, they are motivated to do more since they are aware that they will benefit from their work. This makes everything efficient and peaceful.

There are three main ways for protecting intellectual right which are;


It protects arts. Copyrights give the art owners a chance to produce, display, and create derivative work. The producers are therefore allowed to financially benefit from their work prohibiting others from using their work to earn a living without the owner’s permission. Copyrights, however, do not protect ideas. They protect the already expressed work.


This prevents inventions from being created or used by other individuals for a specified period. These include utility, plant and design patents. It is a wise idea if inventors hire an intellectual property lawyer to help them in the patent process as it can be complicated and takes a lot of time. You will need to be a well-informed lawyer who understands everything about intellectual property law to be able to help in protecting the inventions for your client.


This protects the names of products and identifies the marks of the companies. It aims at making work easier for customers in distinguishing original products from imitations. A company automatically assumes trademarks the minute they start using a particular mark to differentiate their business and products from others.


Intellectual property laws are strict, and if violated one will need to hire an intellectual law attorney. We can help you understand more about this law with the help of our well trained and experienced tutors. We are among the leading law tutors London. Contact us today to get started.