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Immigration Law: Deportation from the UK

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Immigration Law: Deportation from the UK
If you want to be an immigration lawyer, you have to be well conversant with the UK’s immigration laws. One of the most common issues that you are going to help your clients with will have to do to do with deportation. At Advanced Law Tutors, you can learn more about what deportation is all about and how you can help a client who may be facing deportation.

What is Deportation?

Deportation can be understood as the process of enforcing departure from the United Kingdom following a deportation order signed by the Home Secretary. According to the Immigration Rules, the effects of a deportation order include:

  1. The subject must leave the United Kingdom
  2. The subject can be held in detention until they leave the country
  3. The subject may not re-enter the country when the order is still in force
  4. Any leave granted to the subject before the order becomes invalidated

Grounds for Deportation

Under immigration rules, a person can be deported if:

  1. If the deportation is deemed to be a matter of public importance by the Secretary of State
  2. If the court recommends deportation
  3. If a person is an underage child or a spouse of a deported person

Right to Appeal

When it comes to deportation, the right to appeal is not automatic. However, a deportation order can be appealed against if the deportation contradicts the obligations of the UK under the European Convention on Human Rights or the Refugees Convention.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent if you are considering becoming an immigration lawyer in the UK, you have to be quite conversant with deportation rules for you to be able to help clients facing deportation. You can seek the assistance of a reliable law tutor in London for you to get a deeper understanding of immigration law and fast track your course.