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Human Rights Act | The Protection

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human rights act

Human rights act

One of the broad areas of study in law is the human rights act. Luckily, the help our law tutor London will make everything easy by helping you to take an extra mile of studying out of regular classes. Here are some of the rights that are protected under human rights Act;

Right to life

This right is protected under Article 2. It means that the authority does not have the right to end a citizen’s life unless under some limited situations. Some of the circumstances where article 2 contract breaches are;

  1. If an individual dies of negligence for example at hospital
  2. If an individual is denied life-saving treatment
  3. If a death caused by public authority is not investigated

Right to respect family and private life

This right is protected under article 8 of the human rights Act. Family life means that a person has the right to have family relationships. Section 8 protects this right and ensures that one cannot be separated from their family and if the family is split, they can still maintain contact. Private life means that an individual has the right to live their life without any interference by the state.

Right to personal liberty

This right is protected under article 5. It means that a person cannot be deprived or denied his/her freedom unless in some limited circumstances stated by the law.

Right to fair trial

The right is protected under article 6. It ensures that every person can access the court of law and they have the right to bring their civil cases and be heard. The trial should be;

  1. Fair
  2. Heard within a reasonable time
  3. It should be public
  4. The court or tribunal should be impartial

To learn more concerning human rights and more rights that are protected under Human Rights Act, come to us and let our experienced law tutors London help you.