Hiring Law tutors in London?

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hiring law tutors in London

Hiring Law tutors in London? While the majority of law tutors in London are reputable, parents should still bear in mind the personal safety of their children before hiring a tutor in London. Remember, there is no excuse for the failure of parental vigilance, especially when it involves the safety of your children. The following are some of the tips that can ensure you hire the best law tutor for your child.

Did you check?

Always hire law tutors who have an updated Disclosure and Barring Service check. The DBS performs a check on any law tutor before they are hired in charities, school or organizations to ensure the safety of the children or vulnerable adults. The law tutors who have a DBS check will have no problem disclosing that information during the interview. But, be wary of those who refuse to do so. While it not a legal requirement, having a DBS check offers that extra level of security that parents and children look for.

Don’t hesitate to ask

Ask the law tutor for details of parents of some of the students they have taught and follow up on them via phone. Also, ask for at least two references and follow up on them. Always, check to see if a law tutor has the proper credentials and is accredited and qualified to teach the student. Ask the law tutor pro-active questions and look for any inconsistencies with the information they provide. While you’re doing that, also observe their body language.

Be clear

Be clear with what you expect, while no law tutor can guarantee the results of your child, at least they will have an idea of what you expect of them. Be clear about information regarding the place where the tuition will take place and who is going to be present. Parents are allowed to accompany their children if they choose to.