Mandatory Vs Elective modules

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Guide to Choosing the Right Law Modules

Law is a vast field, when you are studying law in your first years, you might not realize but there will be a time when you’ll have to decide which law modules you have to take and which ones you can do without. As your law tutors will tell you, the modules you choose will define where you end up in your career as a lawyer.  As a law tutor, here are three tips that you need to follow when choosing law modules if you want to be a successful lawyer down the road.

What Type of QLD are you handling?

Your Qualifying law degree will determine a sizeable chunk of the law modules that you’ll be studying. It is best if you consult your law tutors before opting for a QLD because this is the degree you’ll need if you want to become a barrister or a solicitor. Typically, a QLD will have certain core subjects that are not negotiable and have to be studies. These will include; contract, tort, criminal, trust, public law, land, EU, etc.

What Subjects are you Interested in?

As law tutors we know that not all students are interested in the same type of subjects. Some are more inclined towards commercial law for example and others towards criminal law. Subjects and interests can change with time. What is important is that you choose a subject that you are interested in because as law tutor in London we have seen how students are able to get excellent marks in subjects they have a passion for.

Keep Your Career Path in Mind

At the end of the day, you are studying a QLD because you want to become a lawyer. The field you choose, whether it be a law tutor, a corporate lawyer, a commercial lawyers, a solicitor, a barrister or a legal executive will have a big say in what law modules you choose. If you are unclear, talk to the best law tutors in town today!