Getting in to Law School

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Getting in to Law School
In the UK, law stands as an extremely competitive career and as a result, getting into the most coveted law schools is a challenging process. But, one that you can be successful in if you hire a law tutor in London (or your local law tutor). Needless to say, having an experienced law tutor by your side without a doubt has its advantages.

Getting the Personal Statement Right

A law tutor can guide you through all aspects of law school, especially the crucial personal statement. It is important to prove a strong personal interest in the field, while hinting that you have considered this as your career path. A great way to emphasise your interest in the subject is by including references to some legal texts which you have read, and to also include a personal opinion on the content of the text. Lawyers are also required to be well-rounded individuals, so mentioning some extra-curricular activities in your personal statement will be a good idea. Having a varied range of pursuits means that you are adaptable and confident, two traits that are admired in aspiring lawyers.

Show Initiative

As a student, just hiring a law tutor will not suffice. Students need to show some commitment by directly contacting local law firms to request a visit to the firm, or just to shadow a solicitor to get a better idea of how layers work in a legal environment. Since law students are not allowed to shadow local solicitors until the end of the first year, it is advised to embark on a month-long internship before you submit your application to the university. Law students could also visit public courts and get involved in pro-bono schemes to make your case strong in front of the admission committee.


So, there you have it, these were some tips that you can used to get into law school. And don’t forget to hire a law tutor in London (or your local law tutor) to help you get past the finish line.