Why Should I get a Law Tutor – Part Two

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Why Should I get a Law Tutor – Part Two
In the second blog of this series we delve deeper into a question we’re often asked by prospective students at Advanced Law Tutors is, why should I get a law tutor?
Attending a lecture will normally provide a cursory overview of a detailed, complex and in many cases interesting concept of law.

Often, this will be delivered by a slightly distracted lecturer more concerned with conducting research or teaching graduate students.

At Advanced Law Tutors we believe that you, and the concepts you’re studying, deserve the time to explore complicated concepts in the depth they deserve.

Wednesbury Unreasonableness

An example often cited by our students, particularly at universities in London, is the integral concept of Wednesbury Unreasonableness.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that this pivotal principle is routinely given less than half an hour in a lecture and little more in a follow up tutorial.

All despite the fact that it’s a cross cutting principle with applications in a variety of fields of law and with a complex body of case law behind it.

Getting a Law tutor - summary?

Hiring a law tutor from Advanced Law Tutors allows students the time to explore these important concepts in greater depth, enabling them to achieve better academic results due to their superior understanding but also apply the concept across a variety of different situations.