Why Should I get a Law Tutor – Part Three

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Why Should I get a Law Tutor – Part Three
In the third blog of this series we delve deeper into a question we’re often asked by prospective students at Advanced Law Tutors is, why should I get a law tutor?

Most common issues

A common complaint we hear from our students is that they are unable to ask questions during lectures.

This inevitably is because of one of three factors:

The lecturer does not provide the opportunity for students to ask questions as he or she has a certain amount of material to cover in a fixed time.

The lecture hall environment is not conducive to asking detailed or technical questions or the student is reticent to ask a question in front of more than a hundred of their peers for fear of being ridiculed.

The transition - Our approach

At Advanced Law Tutors we recognise that the switch from sixth form to university can be daunting for many of our students and inhibit their natural inquisitiveness in public setting.

To move from a reassuring environment where you are in a class with a small cohort of your peers whom you are familiar with to a large lecture hall crammed with unfamiliar faces can be difficult.

Building relationship - How it helps?

Working with an Advanced Law Tutors teacher can help students to fill the gaps they were unable to address in a lecture and build up their confidence so that they are able to ask focused and insightful questions in lectures and tutorials.

Spending time with one of our London based law tutors will help to structure your thinking so that you can make excellent observations and impress your teachers and peers.