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First Year Law

First year law students have a difficult life given the competitive environment of law schools nowadays. There is fierce job competition whereas law schools are becoming more and more expensive. With rising competition, loans, and costs, the stakes of excelling as a First year student have never been this high. So should a first year student consider hiring a Law tutor?

So, should First year law students consider law tutors?

Just as most of the things related to the law, it depends. Financing is the most essential consideration. Students who have a considerable debt burden, the decision must be given careful balancing. Adding more to an already increasing debt burden can be impossible. But if you’re aiming for a 6-figure job, you must be among the top 10% of your class. These are called long odds. A student’s chances to make it to the top 10% are indeed difficult. If you can do anything to improve these odds, it’s pretty much justifiable.

Needless to say, a London law tutor (or your local law tutor) can increase these odds (or your local law tutor if you aren’t studying or living in London). With a tutor having strong teaching skills and excellent credentials, you will definitely have an edge over all your peers. This edge can mean the difference between an entry level job and a high paying salary.

What’s more, a law tutor can direct you regarding which tasks are more important and which aren’t. By directing your energy, the law tutor will help you save time as you will get to focus on high impact, high value strategies.

With more and more guidance, the tutor can also alleviate the stress of uncertainty which pervades the culture of law schools. So, as long as you keep getting tutoring services on a regular basis throughout your semester, the better understanding of law concepts and technicalities will also provide stability and direction to your life as a First Year student. Needless to say, a London law tutor’s (or your local law tutor’s) help can make all the difference for you.