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Advanced Law Tutors understand that you may have questions about tutoring. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions – and answers – about our law tutoring program.

Is Home / House tutoring available?

Yes, our law tutors in London are willing to travel to the homes of our students for a reasonable travel fee.

How can I save on Tuition Fees?

Consider telephone or Skype tutoring which is £5.00 less per hour than face-to-face tutoring, with no travel fee. In addition, we highly encourage you to practice what the tutor has taught you and complete all recommended exercises between sessions. Just as a piano teacher expects piano students to practice between lessons, the same is true of a law tutor. You’ll build skills on your own time and be able to move forward to new challenges in future sessions.

What is the typical tutoring session like?

Here at Advanced Law Tutors, each tutoring session is unique to the individual needs of each student. Our law tutors work with you to determine the best approach based on your needs and goals. In general, expect your law tutor in London to guide you through lessons and skill-building exercises tailored to your specific situation.

Will the law tutor do the coursework or write my dissertation for me?

No. You will do all the work yourself. What our professional law tutors do is this: We guide and advise. We help you develop skills and access resources. We offer suggestions and point out areas that need extra attention. We challenge you and encourage you. But you do the work.

How many tutoring sessions do I need?

This depends on your goals, the subject matter, and your current strengths and weaknesses. Some law students may need weekly tutoring sessions while others may do fine with occasional law tutoring.

Do you offer tutoring to graduate law students?

Yes. We offer law tutoring at all levels from GCSE and A-Level Law to LLM and PHD, and everything in between. As a postgraduate law student, you already have a solid academic history; however, you also have more rigorous demands. Advanced Law Tutors provide expert law tutors that thoroughly understand the challenges you face at this level as well as the material that you must master.

I’m unprepared for an exam next week. Is it too late for scheduling a law tutor?

Call our office right away. Our law tutors are often available on short notice.

What qualifications do your law tutors have?

Our law tutoring team consists of some of London’s finest solicitors, barristers and legal scholars. Many are former lecturers from top universities with LLB, LLM and PHD credentials. No matter which expert law tutor assists you, you can count on practical experience, legal expertise, and effective teaching techniques.

Do you offer law tutoring during the summer?

Yes, we offer year-round law tutoring. If you’ll be leaving London between terms, consider our telephone or Skype tutoring sessions.

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