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Expungement and record sealing- Did you know the difference?

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Expungement and record sealing
Once judged in a court of law, the criminal record is likely to follow the offender for the rest of their lives. Many convicted offenders find it hard living a normal life again, especially with the criminal record hovering around their necks everywhere they go. Under the guidance of law tutors London, criminal law students should focus on tapping the best, if not all the knowledge of the law tutors. One of the essential aspects of criminal law is acting for the defendants, and if convicted or not, to help them lead a normal day-to-day life.

Some criminal cases do not entirely lead to convictions, but the criminal record of the defendant may stay active. Through expungement, it is possible to remove the criminal record of the defendant from the public record.

Difference between expungement and record sealing

In record sealing, the criminal record although sealed is still available while expungement involves permanent deletion of such a record from the public record. Juvenile criminal records are usually sealed to protect their identity before the age of 18.

Which cases qualify for expungement?

Not all cases might end up being expungement from the criminal record. The most likely cases to be expunged include;

– Dismissed cases
– Cases resulting in a form of a deferred disposition.
– Special cases resulting in a conviction.

Criteria for expungement

For an offender’s record to be expunged, the eligibility includes;

– Minimal to no prior criminal history
– No additional criminal history
– Completion of all existing sentences in the judicial system
– Existence of sufficient time after the indictment

Law tutors should highlight the legal expungement procedure to their students even as they prepare them to face the defying moments in the actual criminal law practice. Law tutor London presents a clear and vivid picture of the actual criminal law practice to their criminal law students.