Entertainment Lawyer – What’s their role?

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Entertainment lawyer
Entertainment lawyers differ from divorce or corporate lawyers because they represent and protect the interests of companies, creatives, and others in the entertainment industry. The industry has various sections like television, film, theatre, publishing, news media, and music. As a law tutor, you should equip your students with the knowledge to advise their clients on legal matters and entities.

Depending on what area of entertainment your students are focusing on, you should ensure that they have skills in various law areas. To be an excellent law tutor in London, train your students on other related laws like contract law, intellectual property law, litigation laws, and labor laws.

It is essential to discuss how entertainment lawyers can handle the various challenges of the industry with your students. Inform them of an entertainment lawyer’s duties — how they relate with production companies, agencies, studios, and executive managers.

What Entertainment Lawyers Do


Your entertainment law students should know that one of the primary roles of an entertainment lawyer is negotiating. As a law tutor, equip your students with the necessary skills to land the best deal for their clients. Good entertainment lawyers should always get fair compensation for their clients.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Another crucial role of an entertainment lawyer is protecting intellectual property. As a law tutor London, let your students have in-depth knowledge on how intellectual properties work. Such materials include things like a screenwriter’s script, an artist’s song, a manuscript, among others. An entertainment lawyer must ensure that their client’s property is protected.


This is almost every lawyer’s responsibility. It is your duty as a law tutor to ensure that your students have the necessary knowledge to advise their clients. People in the entertainment industry lack legal expertise and it is the duty of an entertainment lawyer to ensure that they are informed and updated.