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English Contract Law | 4 Things to remember

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English contract law

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English Contract Law

English contract law involves the rules relating to contractual promises or agreements made which the law will enforce. These agreements can be made between two or more parties. When studying law, the English contract law is an essential topic you should learn. A contract contains an offer, acceptance, consideration and the intention to create a legal relation.


A contract has only been accepted if the acceptance is brought to the attention of the party that made the offer, which implies that both sides have agreed to carry on with the contract and are willing to follow the terms. If one of the parties remain silent and does not respond to the offer, the deal cannot go on without their consent.


It is the requirements from both parties. These are the obligations they are expected to carry. Both parties must receive valuable consideration for their performance in the contract.

Terms of contract

A contract can either be oral or written. Mostly, commercial contracts are written so as to keep the records for future references. Oral contracts are not advisable as they can create disputes in terms of enforcement. There should be standard terms that are equal for both parties. Problems can arise if each party decides to come up with their terms since they might not reach an agreement due to lack of clarity.


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