The Different Modules of a Law Degree

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Different Modules of a Law Degree

If you’re looking to get a law degree in London, you will need to arrange for private law tuition if you want to get good grades. Before you hire a law tutor in London here are the core modules of an undergraduate law degree for which you will need a law tutor.

Public Law

Public law refers to the relationship between the government and individuals living in the UK. Public law is important because of the unequal relationship between the government and the public, which many times calls for a judicial review if a citizen is unhappy with a decision given by the government.

Land Law

As the name suggests, land law has got to do with the various sets of rules that are put in place to govern land issues and disputes, and all things relating to it such as buildings, trees etc.

European Union Law

This law is specific to the members of the EU. The European Union Law has the power to overrule the national law of each individual country in the EU if there is any conflict between the two.

Tort Law

Torts are wrongs committed by people against other people. This law allows a victim to claim against any losses they may have incurred due to the actions of another person.

Equity and Trusts

Somewhat similar to equality, ‘equity’ means fairness. This law gave birth to the law of trusts, which is a set of rules that have been established to regulate situations where a person places their trust on another when it comes to looking after their affairs.

Criminal Law

Whether it is a heinous crime, white collar crime, or a small misdemeanor, this branch deals with a series of issues in society.

Contract Law

Rent agreements, loan agreements, mortgages, terms and conditions, and even receipts are all considered as contracts. These contracts bind us into a special relationship, which is why this branch of law requires more attention to detail as any other branches or areas of law. A law tutor in London can explain to you the intricate details of all modules in a law degree, making them absolutely necessary when it comes to passing exams.