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Criminal Law – Protecting Children’s Rights

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Criminal law protecting children rights
One of the widest areas in criminal law which is not given much consideration and sometimes misunderstood is matters concerning children and those considered underages legally. As law tutor London, it is your mandate to ensure that your criminal law students have a grasp of matters about children, especially children’s rights in the criminal law system.
While the subject matter of children can be challenging to tackle, the essence of criminal law practice is to ensure you fight for the rights of your clients, irrespective of their age, sex, gender, religion, or race.

Children are a special group in legal matters and often require particular legal services. Such situations include when they require protection when they are at risk when they are implicated in criminal offenses and need representation in courts of law, when they are in detention, or when they are needed as witnesses in a court proceeding.

Why protect the children's rights?

There is a need to protect children’s rights in the criminal justice system for the simple reason that they are vulnerable, might be easy to manipulate, coerce or convince or find it hard in making sound decisions on their own.

Children who are, in one way or the other implicated in the criminal justice system need to be empowered, assisted in every little way, and encouraged through the entire process. Lawyers dealing with children should always ensure that all the children’s rights as enshrined in the law are observed and protected at all times.

As law tutors London, the goal is to ensure that criminal law students gain the knowledge and skills in protecting children’s rights, which are essential in the actual criminal law practice. Law tutors should be at the forefront in instilling the best legal practices to their students, including the need to protect children’s rights.