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Criminal Law Practice – Professionalism & Ethics

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criminal law practice

Showing professionalism and ethics

Astute, disciplined, principled and dedicated criminal law litigators are churned by the very best law tutors.

Law tutors London should always endeavor to instill the best values into their students, values that include showing professionalism in practice and upholding the utmost ethics. Working under the confines of laid out principles and guidelines is essential in establishing a distinguishable career as a litigation lawyer, something that law tutors should instill in their students.

Many law courses, particularly in London, offer little more than ten hours of contact time with tutors, professors and other faculty members per week.

This lack of contact time can be disconcerting and disorientating to newly minted students accustomed to seeing their teachers every day, for several hours, during A-Levels.

Ethics in criminal law

As a criminal lawyer, there are certain aspects that you should uphold in your daily dealings in practice. Some of the duties include;

  • Duties to the client- as a defense lawyer, the first duty is to the client. Ensure that the client receives the best representation, avoid conflict of interests, uphold confidentiality with the client and correct criminal injustices in their line of duty. The representation should be effective, timely, of quality and mindful of upholding the client’s rights at all times. The criminal lawyer should always act in utmost diligence when representing their client.
  • Duties to the court- during the judicial proceedings, the criminal lawyer should endeavor to provide factual information before the court. The lawyer should also ensure they follow all the laid-out court procedures and instructions and disclose all relevant laws or rulings related to the ongoing case not previously disclosed to the prosecutors. It is also essential that the lawyer avoids at all times, any form of conflict of interest with any party involved in the ongoing case.
    It is also essential to note that as a lawyer, one should handle themselves with the utmost professionalism that involves demeanor and language when presenting their clients before a court of law.


Professionalism and ethics are what defines a criminal lawyer in practice, and should be among the skills and knowledge they instill in their students as a law tutors London.