Become a Notary Public? Here is What You Should Know

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Become a Notary Public
A Notary Public is a legal officer who holds a public office that is internationally recognised.

The function and duty of a notary public are to prepare, authenticate, attest, and certify contracts, deeds and other legal documents that are to be used anywhere in the world.

The documents can be for private companies and even individuals.

If you would like to work as a notary, below is a discussion about what your job will entail as explained by our experienced law tutors.

Main Duties

Notaries in England and Wales are concerned with information and documents to be used in foreign countries for clients who have overseas commercial interests or court cases.

In most cases, they act as legally trained, impartial witnesses to certify the execution of legal documents. In brief, the duties of a notary public include:

-Preparing legal documents and witnessing powers of attorney for use in foreign countries
-Dealing with sale or purchase of property outside the United Kingdom
-Providing documents to facilitate the administration of the estate for people living in foreign countries or who own property outside the United Kingdom
-Authenticating personal information and documents for emigration or immigration purposes
-Authenticating business or company documents and transactions

Are Notaries also Solicitors?

In some cases, notaries can also be solicitors. However, this is not always the case. In facts, notaries are an entirely independent branch of the legal profession. This means that if a solicitor is working as a notary, he or she cannot offer legal advice on the effect or meaning or a document. This kind of advice will have to be given by an independent solicitor.

Appointment and Regulation

The appointment of notaries in England and Wales is done by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Their regulation is usually done by the Master of the Faculties. The rules that govern the operation of notaries are broadly similar to those that affect solicitors.

Become a Notary Public : The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that although some solicitors can also work as notaries, notaries are not necessarily solicitors.

In fact, notaries are a separate branch of the legal profession. If you would like to learn more about Notaries and what they do, Advanced Law Tutors has reliable law tutors in London who can assist you. Get in touch with them today for more information about their services.