Bankruptcy Attorneys: What They Do

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Bankruptcy Attorneys
A bankruptcy attorney is tasked with assisting clients through various court proceedings with the aim of eliminating debt. As a law tutor, it is your responsibility to equip your bankruptcy law students with the required skills needed in the field.

Note that the bankruptcy attorney’s clients may be corporations or individuals. They might also represent corporate or individual debtors or corporate or individual creditors.

Your students should also know that bankruptcy attorneys could work for bankruptcy trustees. This is very important because it prepares them mentally on how to face such cases.

You should also inform them of the various state laws and how they affect bankruptcy cases.

Bankruptcy Attorneys: Roles and Responsibilities

Bankruptcy attorneys work both in and out of the court. When outside of the court, bankruptcy attorneys offer advice to their clients regarding various aspects of bankruptcy.

They also enlighten them on the importance of reducing the debt load through paying creditors and liquidating assets. When working for creditors, bankruptcy attorneys attempt to extract as much money owed as possible. This helps ensure maximum pay for the credit company.

In the courtroom, bankruptcy attorneys might present a debt reorganizing plan and requests the court to approve it. It is very important for your students to note that the main aim of this process is guiding their clients away from full bankruptcy. Besides, whenever necessary, bankruptcy attorneys also file bankruptcy documents for their clients. It is important to inform your students that each state has its own bankruptcy laws.

Skills Needed

To become successful bankruptcy attorneys, your students will require certain skills. For instance, both transaction and litigation skills are needed to guide a client through a bankruptcy case. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, are crucial in succeeding as a bankruptcy attorney.

As a law tutor London, ensure that your students are equipped with these skills for a successful career.