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Out of Jail Free pass- Bail while pursuing an appeal

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pursuing an appeal
As a law tutor in London, there are certain aspects of criminal law practice that you should instill in your eager law students. The essence of training under a knowledgeable and skilled law tutor is to be impacted by their vast experience, especially relating to criminal law practice.

The goal of any criminal lawyer is to defend their client in a court of law and get a favorable outcome at the end of the court proceedings. Everyone dreads spending time behind bars, making every lawyer try to come up with possible ways out for their clients to avoid being locked up, albeit temporarily or permanently.

Once the conviction and sentencing by a judge come to pass, one of the practical ways of avoiding jail or reducing the time spent behind bars is placing bail while pursuing an appeal. The defendant has the right to appeal once the sentence has been passed, making it possible to stay out of jail during the appeal.

The considerations before bail

The burden to show that bail is appropriate after the sentencing is placed on the defendant’s lawyers. The seriousness of the crime plays a huge part in the determination of the bail and the amount of bail to be placed, a mandate placed on the presiding judge. Other factors that come to play in the determination of bail include;

– Criminal record of the defendant
– History of failing to appear in court
– Employment status of the defendant
– Family and society relationships
– Any threat posed by the defendant to the community

Law tutors London is endowed with vast knowledge in criminal law practice including all the possible steps and measures in helping the defendant stay out of jail. Placing bail while you await the outcome of the appeal process is an active way of ensuring that the defendant stays out of jail, for a while, or if successful, permanently.