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Attorney Client Privilege | Did you know?

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Attorney Client privilege
The principle of attorney client privilege is recognised by the common law in England and Wales. It is a basic principle of justice that protects the consumers of legal services from the disclosure of sensitive and confidential information. Our law tutors in London explain what attorney-client privilege means and highlight the main types of attorney-client privilege under English Law.

Attorney Client Privilege - What does it mean?

Attorney-Client privilege is a fundamental right that protects the confidentiality of sensitive communications between a lawyer and a client made for the purpose of providing or obtaining legal advice.

The purpose of the privilege is to allow clients to provide the necessary facts to their lawyers so that the lawyers can guide the clients accordingly and solve disputes amicably. The attorney-client privilege protects:

  • The client request for legal assistance
  • The facts disclosed to a lawyer on issues about which legal advice is being sought
  • The Attorney’s request for facts on which legal advice is being sought
  • The attorney’s legal advice

It protects any mode of communication including electronic communications, oral communications, written communications, client’s actions, and even physical gestures such as nods.

Attorney Client Privilege - The types

There are two main types of attorney-client privilege: legal advice privilege and litigation privilege. Legal advice privilege protects written and oral confidential communication between a client and their lawyer for the purpose of receiving or offering legal advice.

It also protects the confidentiality of documents reflecting such communications. On the other hand, litigation privilege has to do with the protection of communications between lawyers, their clients, and third parties, which are done for the purpose of litigation or arbitration.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that attorney-client privilege is a fundamental principle of justice that makes it possible for attorneys to get the information they need from clients and offer legal services in a more efficient manner. If you would like to learn more about attorney-client privilege, you can count on reliable law tutors at Advanced Law Tutors. Contact us today for more information about us and our services.