Ace in A level exams by Advanced Law tutors

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Law is one of the oldest and most respectable professions in the world, which is why many students in the UK and all across the world aspire to become successful lawyers. Taking law as an A level subject gives prospective law students an edge over other students at university, since studying law for two years helps them understand certain topics better than the students who are studying them for the first time. Another advantage of taking law as an A level subject is that students get a chance to decide which law field they want to opt, something which might take university students, who haven’t previously studied the subject, a semester (or two) to decide. To do well in your A level law exams, secure good grades, and get into a prestigious law university, it is a good idea to get a law tutor to help you prepare for your exams. Here are a few tips from our law tutors that can help you score a better grade:

Start making notes a few months before the exam

While revision guides and online study notes are helpful, nothing helps students remember their topics better than handwritten notes they make while going through their textbook. Writing down difficult topics will help you understand and remember them better.

Practice all the questions in the textbook recommended by the exam board

Ignoring the end of chapter questions is a mistake many students make, but it is important to practice them as they help students get proper grasp of the topics and helps them understand how questions can be framed in the exam.

Do as many past papers as possible

It is likely that you will come across certain questions in past papers that you find difficult and this is why you should solve as many past papers as possible to ensure that you are able to complete the paper in time and are able to attempt all the questions properly. If you find past papers difficult, then you should ask your teacher, or get help from a law tutor so you don’t end up making any mistakes in the exam.